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Your Opinion Matters How to Write an Effective Review


The Southerly Blog, Towson, MD Apartments  Reviews can make a difference! Today we are sharing tips for how to write an effective review. Check it out and write a review today!


Chances are that before you make major purchases, sign up for services, or move to an apartment (like you did here at The Southerly), you first checked out the reviews. Reviews have become an important part of our lives, helping us determine the quality of goods and services from our local shops here in Towson, MD and everywhere. Today, we’re sharing tips for writing an effective review, a skill which can make a difference!


Why Write a Review

Writing a review gives you a chance to praise, offer an honest opinion, and help others decide if a product or service is worth purchasing. When it comes to looking for a place to live, reviews are helpful in determining whether or not the apartment community will be a good fit, and if the amenities will fit that person’s needs. Be an advocate for your community and let others know what it’s like to live here.

What to Include in a Review

Voice your opinion, but be sure to stick to the facts. Provide relevant details and keep the review fact based. This is important even when —particularly when — you may have had a bad experience. Make your case coherently, intelligently, and honestly. Being polite is far more likely to induce positive change than name calling. Be sure to include positive points along with critical ones in your review so it will be a balanced reflection.


Include language to indicate that this was your experience, and acknowledge that it is not the same for everyone.


A good reviewer takes time to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use complete sentences and limit exclamation marks to one. Poor mechanics devalue the message you are sharing. If your review is poorly written, a reader may be thinking, Why should I give any credence to this; this person can’t even take the time to write correctly?


RENTCafé has some additional reasons why, and when, you should write a review about your apartment you may want to take a look at too. Next time on the blog, we’ll share some pointers for evaluating reviews. Thanks for taking time to read our post today!