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Yoga Poses for Stress Relief


The Southerly Blog, Towson, MD Apartments   Give yourself a break and relieve stress in your mind and body by trying these yoga poses in our yoga studio.


Life can get pretty stressful here in Towson, MD, especially when work, kids, social life and family life get overbooked. Here at The Southerly, we provide amenities aimed at helping our residents get the most out of life — which is one of the reasons we have a yoga studio.Take time each night to relax, breathe, and stretch and work your muscles to stay physically and mentally aware by trying one or all of these yoga poses for stress, right in your apartment or at our yoga center.


Channel-Cleaning Breath

Yoga Journal says this is “sometimes considered a preparation for pranayama, other times a formal practice in itself.” A Level 1 pose, this one has you sitting with your feet in front of each other close to your body and has you holding your hands at the knees. Focus on your breathing to partake in an opportunity for stress relief.


Half Frog Pose

You’ll have to lay down on your stomach for this pose. Start by pressing your forearms against the floor and lifting your head and upper torso. Then, bend your right knee by bringing the heel straight up toward the hip. Use your right arm to support yourself as you reach back with your left arm to grab your foot and slowly rotate your elbow toward the ceiling. See the Yoga Journal for specifics on each move you should make while forming this pose. They call this pose “more than a backbend; it opens the shoulders, chest, and thighs all at once.”


Boat Pose

Just because a yoga pose requires some work from you doesn’t mean it won’t be good for your stress level! This exercise requires you to balance on your sitting bones and tailbones to strengthen your abs and hip flexors. In addition to this strengthening your abs and hip flexors, stimulating your kidneys, thyroid, prostate glands, and intestines, this pose also improves digestion.

What’s your favorite yoga pose to ease your stress, improve your flexibility, and calm your mind or body? Share with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck!