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Themed Picnics to Enjoy in Towson, MD


Picnic basket


Picnics are as much a part of summer as ball games, swimming pools, and summer camp. Today The Southerly Blog is sharing some picnic ideas for members of our apartment community here in Towson. Picnics can be very simple, or they can feature multiple courses. The main thing about having a picnic is to experience dining al fresco. We have rounded up some picnic meal ideas based on various countries. Happy picnic planning!


French Inspired

A loaf of French bread, cheese, and grapes can make a meal. However, for something a little more substantial, add some cold cuts from your local deli. Don’t forget a bottle of your favorite wine to complete the experience.


German Inspired

Potato salad definitely has German roots, and it’s perfect to bring along for a picnic. Add bratwurst, some veggies and dessert, and you’ve got a meal. Some other foods with a German flair to consider are, spätzle (a cross between noodles and dumplings), pretzels (classic Bavarian), or chilled sausages paired with a side of sauerkraut. Don’t forget the dessert springerles — a classic German cookie flavored with anise — strudel, or a nice plum torte are all excellent options. Don’t forget the wine; check out these Wines of Germany.


English Inspired

English author, Jane Austen, writes about 19th century picnics, painting a lovely picture of pastoral bliss. Go all out and indulge in a Jane Austen-inspired picnic, complete with a a tablecloth and tea service. If the idea intrigues you, you’re not alone. Read how Anika Mehta pulled it off: How to Have a Regency Tea Party Picnic, in her blog, Hello Giggles.  Bite from the Past is the perfect place to find suitable picnic food for your outing.   


If you’re not sure where to picnic, Yelp has a some suggestions for where to head out to with their selection of The Best Picnic Areas in Towson, MD. If making a picnic isn’t feasible, do the next best thing and eat your fast food meal outdoors or dine at a Towson restaurant that provides outdoor seating. Next time we will share some thirst-quenching drinks you can add to your summer picnics!