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On Being a Good Neighbor at The Southerly

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Welcome back to The Southerly Blog! It’s November and our thoughts turn toward gratitude as we contemplate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Living in a wonderful apartment community is one of the things we can all be grateful for, and today we want to highlight a few basic but invaluable apartment living etiquette tips that will help us continue to create a warm, caring community. Be courteous to those living around you here in Towson, MD by remembering these important pointers.


Respect Others’ Space, Especially in Common Areas.

While your individual apartment may be removed from another person’s, in an apartment community you’re often sharing space with others. That may simply be the common areas like a our fitness center, game room, or business center. But that could also mean passing areas like parking spaces and hallways. In all of these cases, keep your things out of others’ way and always strive to avoid conflict with your own things taking up space, and when you need to share space.


Clean Up after Yourself.

Part of showing respect and consideration for others means being aware of the messes you make and cleaning up to keep your apartment community the sparkling, high-quality place it’s meant to be. Avoid the unnecessary spreading of germs in common areas like pools, lounges, and theater room, by not using them when you’re sick and by keeping disinfectant wipes with you.


If you make messes, clean up quickly to avoid long-term damage. And be aware of how your messes in your own apartment or daily life may affect others. For example, strong, unpleasant smells from your home ideally should stay there but opening a window would allow them to meander out to the community, so just clean up frequently to avoid it becoming a problem. Be particularly aware of and sensitive to any mess or disturbance your pet may cause, and take care of any issues quickly.


Be Friendly.

You don’t have to go too far out of your way to be a friendly, positive addition to your apartment community. Gauge how your actions affect others, and then do what works for you and them. Show that you can be a reliable neighbor by being open to helping out when it’s appropriate. Get to know your neighbors if you wish, or keep to yourself and show that you respect others’ right to having their own private life. Each positive action contributes to keeping the peace between neighbors and establishing good relations.


We hope this review is helpful, and that we can all continue to work together to make West of Chestnut an amazing place to call home! Thanks for taking the time to read our post today!