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Ingredients for a Relaxing Evening in Your Towson Apartment

tea lights on the side of a bathtub

December is now more than halfway over and the biggest holidays are quickly approaching, which likely means you may be feeling a trifle frazzled. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a soothing, quiet night in at your home here at The Southerly in Towson, MD, and we’ve got ideas to help you out. Check out our ideas for some things that can help you have a relaxing evening at your apartment.

A calming tea. Tea can benefit your health in many ways, so try a soothing one! Chamomile is a relaxing tea and won’t spike your energy with caffeine. Try out other teas that are made for relaxation. Find one that suits you and enjoy it!

A stress ball. A stress ball can be a great way to take you out of stress-mode and into the present moment. Try out this DIY stress ball project from WikiHow to make your own.

A moment of meditation. Meditation is a great way to let go of stress and worries. Spend a few minutes breathing and noticing your thoughts but choosing to keep your attention on your breath. Use Headspace if you’ve never practiced meditation before.

A hot bath. A bath can relax your body, therefore giving you a chance to let go and relax your mind as well. Use some bath salts or a bath bomb for an extra relaxing and luxurious experience.

A face mask or body scrub. Face masks are a great way to give your skin the care it needs while relaxing in the process! Try this Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask for a refreshing mask. Homemade body scrubs and lotions can also be so great for your skin. Try this Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub for a good body scrub and this Lavender-Chamomile Lotion Recipe for a good body lotion that will prepare you well for a good night’s sleep.


What are your favorite ways to relax in your home on a quiet night in? Share your suggestions and recommendations for great store-bought or homemade products to use in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!