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Ideas for National Nutrition Month From Your Towson Apartment

Towson Apartments  The Southerly brings you suggestions for celebrating National Nutrition Month. Check out a local healthy restaurant like Green Leaf's & Bananas.

This month, The Southerly Blog is bringing residents of our Towson, MD apartments suggestions for celebrating National Nutrition Month this March. We have several healthy eating tips for you to try out. Adjust your eating, get some exercise, and celebrate healthy living this month at your apartment. Plus we have some local shops like Nalley Fresh and Green Leaf’s & Bananas to check out too.

National Nutrition Month

3 Tips for Eating Healthy


Avoid Processed Foods

Junk food and processed foods are filled with chemicals and preservatives that your body doesn’t know what to do with. Because of all these chemicals and preservatives, it is more difficult for your body to digest these types of food and they are often not broken down properly. These foods trick our brains into eating more than we need, leading to increased weight and fat deposits in our bodies.


Eat Nuts

Yes, nuts have fats in them, but they are a good type of natural fats that your body knows how to process. Nuts are also loaded with nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and more. Studies have shown that eating nuts can actually help you lose weight, and they may even help fight off heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Stop Drinking Your Calories

Your body doesn’t recognize liquid sugar calories in the same way as calories from solid food. Sugary drinks are some of the most fattening things you can put into your body. Soda is bad, but fruit juices are almost just as bad. Choose water or flavored water instead.

Local Restaurants

Nalley Fresh

Nalley Fresh serves up healthy, fresh foods in its restaurants. According to the website they are “a chef-driven, bowl, wrap, and salad restaurant featuring house-made, specialty proteins and over 80 fresh ingredients and at least 15 international flavors. We make everything FRESH, in-house, every day.” Choose from the menu or create your own custom bowl. Another perk of the restaurant comes from partnering with a local fitness center to create a custom meal that is trainer-approved — that sounds like a win-win to us! Stop by and try out a wrap this month! Nalley Fresh is about 7 minutes from The Southerly.

Green Leaf's & Bananas

Green Leaf's & Bananas, a local option for healthy foods, is worth the short drive. According to the website, the shop was founded in 1976, and “started offering better for you options before it became trendy.”  Green Leaf’s is a “feel good, taste good, be good choice,” for consumers here in Towson. Check it out soon. Green Leaf's & Bananas is about 3 minutes from The Southerly.


We hope our tips and restaurant highlights are helpful to members of our apartment community! What better way to celebrate National Nutrition Month than by learning how and where you can eat healthy foods? Thanks for reading today’s post. Next month we’ll be bringing you apps to help with decorating your apartment.