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Ideas for Balconies and Patios at The Southerly


The Southerly Blog, Towson, MD  Make your apartment's balcony or patio a great place for you to relax and enjoy nature in by letting these tips spark your imagination for decorating our outdoor space.


With spring being well under way, there’s no time like now to take steps to refresh your private balcony or patio, just one of the many amenities we offer here at The Southerly, for the upcoming summer season. We have some basic ideas for ways to make the most of your outdoor space that we hope will spark your imagination, so you can personalize you balcony to reflect you!



Add plants to your balcony to induce that outdoors indoor feeling. Adding greenery intensifies the feeling of being outdoors, and if placed strategically, plants can also screen balconies or patios, adding a touch of privacy.


Plants can be more than decorative, too. A number of plants also repel mosquitoes! Some good ones to use are rosemary, horsemint, marigold, lemon balm, ageratum, citronella, catnip, basil, lemon thyme, verbena, peppermint, geranium, basil, oregano, lemongrass, and lavender. Many of them have other useful properties as well. Use this Plant Encyclopedia from Better Homes and Gardens to learn more details about these plants.


Another thought is to grow a container herb or salsa garden. Gardening without a Garden has ten ideas to take a look at. Or even create a miniature fairy garden by purchasing a fairy garden kit to add a touch of whimsy to your space.



Standing on the balcony is good, sitting and sipping a cold drink after a long day is better, but enjoying comfortable seating is a must. When it come to seating, choose something that reflects your personality — a couple of deck chairs, a glider rocker, a wicker seat, a hanging swing, or even repurposed furniture piled high with colorful cushions, for example. Or take it a step further and add a hammock so you can stretch out for a nap.



We mentioned seating, but adding other furniture to your patio or balcony adds to functionality too. Consider adding a small table where you can use your laptop, with room for a drink or romantic dinner for two. Repurposed furniture can add a focal point for your space. An old sideboard painted a bright color and filled with plants adds a charming touch. Or use an old wooden ladder as a plant holder to take advantage of vertical space. If going contemporary is more you style, check out for a wide selection of outdoor furniture and decor.


Now that you’ve got some ideas for what you want to do to spruce up your balcony or patio, head to your favorite Towson, MD area shops to pick up any supplies you may need, and prepare for a DIY makeover one weekend this month! Enjoy your newly redecorated space this summer! Thanks for reading today’s post.