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How to Start or Get Back Into Exercising

The Southerly Blog, Towson, MD   Learn how to get back into exercising or how to start here. Start your healthy fall today with these tips.

Fall is nearly upon us and it’s the perfect time to set up some new exercise goals. It may seem impossible to adopt a new habit, especially one as physically taxing as exercising, but as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Take that first step today by reading The Southerly Blog, which is dedicated to helping you start or get back into exercising, whether you do so in our apartment community fitness center or elsewhere in Towson, MD.


Make a plan.

One big reason for brushing aside exercise is a busy schedule. Plus, when you do have free time, you might want to spend it relaxing. But commit to an active lifestyle by putting aside, say, thirty minutes for physical activity so you can relax after. Figure out when will be easiest for you to exercise, and try that out until it feels more like a natural part of your day. Write it into your schedule so you can save the thoughts of other tasks you need to do for later.


Start small, but do it regularly.

Assessing your fitness level can help you know where you’re at now and what goals are reasonable for you to attain at different points in the future. Usually just starting is enough challenge, so if you relate to that, start small. You will work up to more challenging levels as your body adjusts. But that will only happen if you exercise regularly. Consistency will help your body get used to and even crave physical activity each day, which keeps you on the path to success.


Find a buddy.

You don’t need to have an exercise buddy, but if an extra person to be accountable to helps you, find someone who will encourage you in your process to work out with you. Find someone you enjoy spending time with so it can be more of a fun exercise session. If it’s someone who’s slightly more practiced at your activity than you are, ask them for tips and let them coach and encourage you in the process.


Find something you love.

Another common roadblock to maintaining an active lifestyle is that you might just think you hate it. But just because you hate running, for example, doesn’t mean you’ll hate swimming, lifting weights, or yoga. Make your workout enjoyable to you so you can look forward to it and try your hardest at it each day.


Maintain a healthy diet.

Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods will give you the energy you need to not only get through the day with a clear head, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. The foods you eat also may affect how you feel physically, which can negatively impact your motivation to work out at all. You don’t have to cut out sugary foods and drinks completely if you don’t want to, but be mindful of what you consume and focus on getting up, even when it’s hard. It will show you the control you have over yourself, which is your real source of strength!


What exercising tips do you have? Leave a comment so we can all benefit! Thanks for reading. Stay safe, and good luck!