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Father's Day Ideas from The Southerly Blog

The Southerly Blog, Towson, MD Apartments  Father's Day is coming up on June 17th. Have you made plans to celebrate? We have ideas in today's blog post.

Welcome back to The Southerly apartments blog! It’s June and that means Father’s Day will soon be here. Are you ready? Today we are featuring tips for how to honor your father (or father figure) this month. Plus we have some great gift ideas too.


Meaningful Messages

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but everyone appreciates receiving a thoughtful card or letter. It’s an awesome way to honor your father. This year take some time to sit down, write, and share with your father why he’s your personal superhero — the reasons you admire and love him. (If this isn’t something you can do, for whatever reason, perhaps choose someone you love and respect and pen a note to them.) In your note, be specific. Share experiences that taught you something or that hold a special place in your heart. Write about the qualities in your father you appreciate. Tell him about how he has shaped your life. Include a photo of the two of you if you have one.


Father’s Day Gifts

While a tie or a wallet is a perfectly acceptable gift, there are other gifts that perhaps convey a little more thought. Here are a few we like.


Hobby — Most Dads have a hobby. Do some detective work and find out what would make a great addition to his hobby, and get it for him. Or if you don’t know exactly what to get, purchase a gift certificate to a shop that caters to his hobby.


Tickets — Tickets are a great two-for-one gift. You can give your father something he will enjoy, and you can go with him. (Even if you don’t live in the same area, you can do this and he can take someone along with him.) Sporting events, concerts, theater tickets all make great gifts.


Photos — Sometimes the simple things are the best gifts. Choose a favorite photo of you and your dad and turn it into a puzzle, or order a mug featuring the photo, or simply be creative, there are dozens of photo gift ideas to choose from.


Thanks for reading today’s post. We hope you have the opportunity to connect with your father, whether that is in person here in Towson, Maryland or via letter, phone, or a visit to wherever he may be. Thanks for reading today’s post.