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Deep Clean Your Towson, MD Apartment before the Holidays

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Deep cleaning your apartment at The Southerly before the upcoming holidays can be intimidating to tackle, but if you plan for it in a way that works for your cleaning habits and your schedule, you can get through in plenty of time to decorate in style. Today we have some suggestions for going about it week by week so you can enjoy the rest of your time in or out of your apartment in Towson, MD this month.

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Apartment at The Southerly

Make it easier to deep clean the whole apartment by taking it in chunks. For example, take care of decluttering and organizing the first week of the month, doing large chores the second week, catching up on laundry the third, and detailing the fourth for something easy to do each day and each week.

In addition to knowing where to start and how to proceed, it’s important to have the tools and cleaners you need close at hand. We like this list Molly Maid has put together of basic cleaning supplies that will help you keep your apartment in tip-top condition.

Set a timer whenever you clean. Take a break when the timer goes off and then set another timer when you’re ready to start cleaning again. This will make the task of having to clean your entire apartment feel much more manageable. Cleaning a little bit at a time is a lot less draining than having to clean everything at once. Just make sure that you’re using the method that works best for you.

Make time to go through your holiday things. Repair or toss broken items, give away decorations you no longer use, take an inventory of your gift-wrapping supplies and note what needs to be replenished, then check the holiday lights to make sure they’re still working. Doing this means you’ll be ready to decorate once the holidays roll around.

What other details are important to give attention to while you’re focusing on deep cleaning before the holidays? Let us know what we’ve missed by leaving a comment! We hope these tips and ideas make deep cleaning easier and more effective for you all year long.