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December Activities to Do at Your Towson Apartment

Make a mini-gingerbread house at your apartment like this one with graham crackers and candies.

December is here and that for most members of our apartment community here at The Southerly that means getting together with family and friends to celebrate. While you may already have a slate full of traditions to fall back on, it might be fun to add something new, or if you are tired of the same old, same old, give one of these projects a try for an evening of creativity and fun at your apartment right here in Towson, MD.

Make a Gingerbread House

If you’ve never created a gingerbread house, you’re missing out! December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day, and it could be the beginning of a love affair with all things gingerbread. If you are new to the details of what goes into creating this whimsical piece of holiday decor, stop by Holidailys and peruse their comprehensive resource for gingerbread houses which includes patterns, gingerbread recipes, icing recipes, and other tips and tricks for creating the perfect gingerbread house.

Get a Live Holiday Tree This Year

Artificial trees are certainly an easy option, and while a Charlie Brown holiday tree may exude the spirit of the season, why not take some time and find the perfect tree to grace your apartment. Look for an Evergreen Tree Day is coming up on December 19th, so if you don’t have a tree yet, check out a local tree farm or tree stand to find one and bring that fresh-pine scent into your apartment. After it has been decorated, kick back with a comforting, warm drink and enjoy the ambiance it creates.

Make It Snow with Paper Snowflakes!

We are including directions for a couple of different ways to make snowflakes for an afternoon or evening of fun at your apartment. This Fun and Facts with Kids post has nine, count ‘em, nine different snowflake patterns to create. Try your hand at the Flying M, Stars and Diamonds, Acorns and Hearts, and more! Plus here are directions for several other types of snowflakes create.

Paper Snowflake Window Curtain
Paper snowflakes can look beautiful in your apartment windows as holiday curtains. Follow this tutorial to create a winter wonderland to hang in your window  — a curtain of ice — without the chill.

Clothespin Snowflakes by Stephanie Lynn
These snowflakes bring an old-fashioned feel to holiday decorating. They can be made as a plain and simple ornament or you can add glitter, feathers, or other bits and pieces to jazz them up. Use them as gift toppers, tree ornaments, or even hang them on the wall.

Lace Snowflakes from the Aunt Peaches blog
Lace is lovely to look at, but we don’t often get out grandma’s lace tablecloth for everyday use, so perhaps it’s time to use it as the basis for a family heirloom. This blog teaches you how to make beautiful snowflakes from lace (get yours from a thrift shop if you can’t bear to cut up grandma’s tablecloth!).


We hope you take some time this month for some old-fashioned December fun! What is your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for taking time to read our post.