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The Stone Park of E.T. Wickham

There aren’t any guideposts at E.T. Wickham’s sculpture park. No historical markers or signs to tell the story behind the broken-down concrete sculptures that line a couple of rural roads just outside of Palmyra, Tennessee. But E.T. Wickham’s ancestors still live close by, and if you’re lucky you might run into one of them. Enoch […]

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Hey Rooster General Store

When I wrote about some of my favorite places in Nashville for The Simple Things magazine I knew I had to include Hey Rooster General Store. There was no question about it at all. Courtney Webb’s shop, housed in a mid-century building along¬†Gallatin, is a warm ode to Nashville and its creative spirit. At Hey […]

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Nashville Favorites

History: One of the reasons I wanted to move to Nashville was because it’s so good at preserving its history. I wanted to see the plantations, the Civil War battlefields, all the little meat-and-threes that are still going strong. What I hadn’t betted on was that I’d fall for its country music history. Walks down […]

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The Battle of Thompson’s Station

Abraham Lincoln, American historical figure of the moment, made an appearance at the event commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Thompson’s Station, but he wasn’t the star of the show. To be fair, he didn’t really belong there. The real Abe Lincoln wasn’t in the habit of attending small Tennessee battles, but then […]

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