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Like Howard Finster, Eddie Martin was a man of visions. His just came from a different kind of place. In the 1950s, while Finster was still hard at work on his first outdoor garden museum—the first incarnation of his Bible verse-soaked folk art kingdom Paradise Garden—Martin was living the wild life in New York. He’d […]

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Ponder House

The twin monuments in Ponder Cemetery are almost startling to come across when you’re driving along Fairplay Rd. in Morgan County, Georgia. From a distance they look like they don’t belong: tall gothic spires jutting out of rolling fields and farmland. It’s hard to make sense of them until you see the much smaller gravestones […]

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South Carolina Backroads

On our way to and from Charleston we bypassed Columbia and its interstates and took a backroads shortcut, driving along a slow two-lane road that had started out as a Native American trail.  Towns had started springing up in the late 19th century when the railroad came along.  Neeses, Perry, Wagener.  They’re pretty quiet today.  The […]

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Puckett’s Grocery

There aren’t any restaurants or markets along the Natchez Trace in Tennessee, but some of the state’s most famous restaurants can be found by going just a couple of miles off the main road. We’ve already posted about Nashville’s Loveless Cafe, located at the trail’s end–or beginning, depending on which way you’re going. Drive south […]

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