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A South Carolina Museum Trapped in Time

The Story of Thornwell Orphanage, a short history written in 1924, portrays the the children’s home in “the beautiful little town of Clinton,” South Carolina as a peaceful spot, with attractive granite buildings and trees with “arms outstretched toward heaven.” ¬†Each building is described in detail, from dormitories to the president’s home, to one located […]

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Detour: Ulysses S. Grant Home

This blog may be called The Southerly, but from the moment we started it I knew we’d be posting about a few of the places we travel to outside the South. And from the start I knew I had to post about Galena, the tiny town in Illinois where my family comes from and where […]

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The Ghost Town of Auraria, GA

Out West, gold rush ghost towns become tourist attractions. The old settlement of Bodie, California has become a state park, its buildings preserved “in a state of arrested decay.” Visitors to the tiny town of Gold Point can “help preserve Nevada history” by spending the night in one of its many historic buildings. And in […]

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Fort Pulaski

In 2012 a straight-to-video zombie movie was filmed at Georgia’s Fort Pulaski, and for a few days the grounds were full of local extras in costume, wandering around with dead eyes and outstretched arms. I felt kind of like them when I was at Fort Pulaski a few months ago. It was the last day […]

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