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Atlanta Favorites

In September we made the move from Atlanta to Nashville. We’d lived in and explored Atlanta for years, so after Drew left his design company to go freelance we jumped at the chance to move to a new city. We just needed a change in scenery.¬†Nashville has been great so far; we’re still settling in […]

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The Ghost Town of Auraria, GA

Out West, gold rush ghost towns become tourist attractions. The old settlement of Bodie, California has become a state park, its buildings preserved “in a state of arrested decay.” Visitors to the tiny town of Gold Point can “help preserve Nevada history” by spending the night in one of its many historic buildings. And in […]

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Fort Pulaski

In 2012 a straight-to-video zombie movie was filmed at Georgia’s Fort Pulaski, and for a few days the grounds were full of local extras in costume, wandering around with dead eyes and outstretched arms. I felt kind of like them when I was at Fort Pulaski a few months ago. It was the last day […]

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The Old Mill Town of Rex, GA

If you just saw it in photographs you’d think that the tiny town of Rex, Georgia would be located in the most rural part of the state. Maybe somewhere down in south Georgia, or among the the cotton fields out by Bostwick. Before we went to Rex I figured it would be the kind of […]

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