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Bonaventure Cemetery

When John Muir camped out in Bonaventure Cemetery in 1867 the spanish moss-shaded grounds were already heavy with history. Muir wrote of the ruins of the plantation house that had once been there, of the laid-out roads and paths, of the graveyard’s iron gates and marble monuments, by then corroded and reclaimed by nature. But […]

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Southport, North Carolina

Even on warm, sunny days, Southport is quieter than other coastal towns we’ve been to in the southeast. There are tourists at the seafood restaurants and in the shops downtown, but it isn’t hard to escape them. All you have to do is take a side-street, find yourself a cool sidewalk lined with live oaks, and scout […]

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Ponder House

The twin monuments in Ponder Cemetery are almost startling to come across when you’re driving along Fairplay Rd. in Morgan County, Georgia. From a distance they look like they don’t belong: tall gothic spires jutting out of rolling fields and farmland. It’s hard to make sense of them until you see the much smaller gravestones […]

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Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Rome’s Myrtle Hill Cemetery was founded on a battlefield shortly before becoming a battlefield itself. By the time of its 1857 opening, Myrtle Hill had already seen fighting, having been the site of the Battle of Hightower during the Chickamauga wars. That’s when John Sevier (later to become Tennessee’s first governor) chased 1,000 Cherokees to […]

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