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The Old Mill Town of Rex, GA

If you just saw it in photographs you’d think that the tiny town of Rex, Georgia would be located in the most rural part of the state. Maybe somewhere down in south Georgia, or among the the cotton fields out by Bostwick. Before we went to Rex I figured it would be the kind of […]

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Ponder House

The twin monuments in Ponder Cemetery are almost startling to come across when you’re driving along Fairplay Rd. in Morgan County, Georgia. From a distance they look like they don’t belong: tall gothic spires jutting out of rolling fields and farmland. It’s hard to make sense of them until you see the much smaller gravestones […]

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Gertrude “Ma” Rainey House

Gertrude “Ma” Rainey had the power to intimidate people long after her death.  When we were at her home, standing over her piano, the tour guide told us a story of an elderly man who had finally gotten up the courage to visit the place.  As a boy he had seen Ma Rainey around the […]

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Oakland Cemetery

“I’ve spent today in the graveyard,” Zelda Fitzgerald wrote in a 1919 love letter to Scott: It really isn’t a cemetery, you know, – Trying to unlock a rusty iron vault built in the side of the hill. It’s all washed and covered with weepy, watery blue flowers that might have grown from dead eyes […]

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