You might think we’re starting The Southerly to cash in on the popularity of a suddenly ‘cool’ South, and you might be right.  A little bit, at least.   It’s hard to pick up a magazine these days without reading about some hot new restaurant in Charleston or fashion line in Nashville or coffee roaster in Birmingham, and we aren’t complaining.  We like all of that stuff, and it all will have a place here.

But we’re just as interested in the South’s past. We’ve spent the last five years traveling around the South, taking more photos and coming away with more stories than we knew what to do with.  We don’t pretend to be experts, but we know what we like: mostly historic sites, weird roadside attractions, good restaurants, even better coffee.  The Southerly is where we’ll write it all down.  Hopefully it can help you out on your next trip to this part of the country.

Photos: Drew Tyndell is a freelance graphic designer and animator by day and a painter by night.

Words: Rhiannon Leifheit Tyndell is a freelance writer, vintage seller at Auraria, and a fashion blogger at Liebemarlene.