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A Ghost Resort at Cascade Springs

“Cascade Springs are situated six and one-half miles from the heart of Atlanta, on Cascade Road. Here nature has established one of the most attractive resorts in Georgia. Beautiful Cascades blend perfectly with rugged scenery, making the ensemble one of pleasing surroundings and refreshing coolness. The Cascade Springs Park and Camping Co. have done much […]

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South Carolina Backroads

On our way to and from Charleston we bypassed Columbia and its interstates and took a backroads shortcut, driving along a slow two-lane road that had started out as a Native American trail.  Towns had started springing up in the late 19th century when the railroad came along.  Neeses, Perry, Wagener.  They’re pretty quiet today.  The […]

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A Battle at Pickett’s Mill

“Is there anything here worth seeing?” a tracksuited woman asked us in the Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Park lot as she was getting back into her car. She told us that the man in the visitor’s center wouldn’t let her in because it was too late—just about closing time. The sun was about to set, and […]

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