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432 Abercorn: The Most Haunted (Or Hyped) House in Savannah

When we went to Savannah last February we took a ghost tour, sitting in a tricked-out, roofless hearse with a half dozen high school choir students and a guide who could apparently only speak in a W.W.F. wrestler voice: “See that puddle over there? That ain’t rain: it’s hooorrrrsssse piss.” The high school kids laughed. […]

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Old Sheldon Church Ruins

This message is for Larry…. the gentleman who had a wierd feeling being alone, standing inside the church.: It is English tradition to bury the dead in the floor of the church. You were most likely standing upon the grave of one of my ancestors. I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon looking up online encyclopedia entries […]

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Puckett’s Grocery

There aren’t any restaurants or markets along the Natchez Trace in Tennessee, but some of the state’s most famous restaurants can be found by going just a couple of miles off the main road. We’ve already posted about Nashville’s Loveless Cafe, located at the trail’s end–or beginning, depending on which way you’re going. Drive south […]

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South of the Border

I’d been to Stuckey’s and a few Tennessee fireworks shops before going to South of the Border, but they weren’t enough to prepare me for what might be the most notorious tourist trap in the South. Fortunately I had a lot of forewarning. Driving along I-95, there are S.O.B. billboards along the road for miles, […]

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