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Barista Parlor

Good coffee shops keep popping up in Nashville faster than we can visit them.  Our sister and brother-in-law live there and keep telling us about places we need to go when we’re in town, but there’s never enough time. There’s just too much to do in the area.  Fortunately a few months ago we spent […]

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Tullie Smith Farm

This last weekend we went to the Atlanta History Center to finally tour the Tullie Smith House, but accidentally got sidetracked. First we got by distracted by the center’s two Civil War exhibits, which I’d already been to before, but wanted to go through again. I blame the American Experience documentary I’d seen a few days […]

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Hemingway in Key West

The front yard of Key West’s Hemingway Home is crawling with cats, and I like cats even less than I like Hemingway. Even if they’re of the famous six-toed variety.  I just don’t like them. I think they’re only there to lure in tourists off the Key West streets, especially the shaky-legged, fresh off the […]

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Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Rome’s Myrtle Hill Cemetery was founded on a battlefield shortly before becoming a battlefield itself. By the time of its 1857 opening, Myrtle Hill had already seen fighting, having been the site of the Battle of Hightower during the Chickamauga wars. That’s when John Sevier (later to become Tennessee’s first governor) chased 1,000 Cherokees to […]

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