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McKnight Train Depot

There aren’t any train tracks in sight by the old McKnight Depot in the countryside around Bethel, Tennessee, and when you’re driving along Leipers Creek Road it sort of jumps out at you and takes you by surprise.  I had first heard about it when Drew got back from a bike ride with my dad, […]

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It’s really just a coincidence that we’re posting about Nashville’s Cheekwood right after the Swan House, because they have a lot in common.  Both homes were built around the same time (Cheekwood in 1931, the Swan House in 1928) in styles that were definitely more European than American.  Cheekwood is the English country manor to the Swan […]

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Swan House

Some of the grandest houses in all of Atlanta can be found on Paces Ferry Road, where the soccer moms run and the BMWs and Mercedes road rage their way to Whole Foods, and traffic is almost always rush hour slow. It’s a narrow road, not particularly useful if you need to get somewhere fast, […]

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Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie has been open for three years, but we never went inside until this last weekend.  There’s no excuse, really; we’ve been to Nashville lots of times since the denim label’s store opened in an old gas station in 2009.  Every time I’d see an Imogene + Willie mention in The New York […]

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