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Foxbrier Farm

The drive along Hutcheson Ferry Road, just outside of Palmetto, Georgia, might be the prettiest one in all of Fulton County. Wooden fences run alongside fields that are long and green and sometimes dotted with rustic barns and horses and wildflowers.  Old churches and produce stands suddenly appear around hilly corners or through patches of trees.  It […]

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Point Park

Some of my favorite moments in Ken Burns’ The Civil War are the light-hearted ones.  Soldiers joking around, getting up to no good, writing funny letters back home full of complaints about army rations and coffee.  Photos humanize the soldiers even more, especially ones that show them smiling and goofing off for the camera as though […]

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Cherokee, NC

Cherokee looks like a tourist town straight out of the 1950s or ’60s, with plenty of neon signs and gift shops and long motels that stretch out along the road.  It doesn’t have the new flashiness of Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge (no huge Titanic replicas or roller-coasters, though there is a big casino down the […]

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Oakland Cemetery

“I’ve spent today in the graveyard,” Zelda Fitzgerald wrote in a 1919 love letter to Scott: It really isn’t a cemetery, you know, – Trying to unlock a rusty iron vault built in the side of the hill. It’s all washed and covered with weepy, watery blue flowers that might have grown from dead eyes […]

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